Folding Paddock Table


56,56 €

The B-G Racing Folding Table is designed for use in the pits, paddock and back in the workshop.
Nearly one metre in length and half a metre wide, the Folding Table is big enough to hold all the tools you are ever likely to need, which will stay where they’re put thanks to the raised table edges.
The quick and easy folding design allows for easy transportation and storage of the Folding Table.
An enhanced feature enables a 400mm x 300mm Euro Bin to be fitted for additional storage.
Manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a durable silver grey powder-coated finish.

Product Specifications

Materials: Mild steel
Finish: Powder coated
Colour: Silver-grey
Height: 830mm
Width: 445mm
Length: 945mm
Weight: 8.1kg
Loading Capacity: 30kg UDL

Please note: Bin not included

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