Adjustable 2.25" (57mm Diameter) Spring Conversion Kit


77,87 €

Suitable For Any 50mm Front Or Rear Strut
Converts Standard Struts to Adjustable Ride Height

The units can be welded onto existing units allowing struts to be converted into having the facility to adjust the ride height using a traditional 'C' Spanner.
The units feature a seamless tube with a complete thread maximising the distance the height can be adjusted.
The kits come complete with:
•Locking Ring
•Spring Platform
•Top Cap

• Threaded tube length: 153 mm
• external Ø of threaded pipe: 55 mm
• Internal Ø of threaded pipe: 52 mm
• threaded pipe thickness: 1.5 mm
• thread pitch: 55 X 1.5 mm
• upper cap (Top Cap spring) with round hole Ø 10 mm

The kits are sold to suit individual struts.