Pettinelli Racing company has ancient motorcycle traditions.

In 1945 “Garage Pettinelli” was born dealing with repairing and sealing the glorious motorcycle brands such as Indian, MV, Motobì, Rumi.
Keeping up with the times and with a particular care about both the socio-economic development of the territory and the technical one, the Company will experience a deep transformation, under its third descendents, in 1984.
Thanks to the great passion of Romelio, former descendant of the “clan” and famous still running racing car driver, the Company becomes a specialized in motor-racing and Karting products.
In a short time, Civitanova Marche Store becomes a reference point for Teams, racing car drivers and fans, who come from Marche and all over the country.
However, the idea and the will of standing out and growing up, lead the property to replace the traditional shop in the “virtual” one, more dynamic, handy, comfortable.
The wish is to offer a selection of the best products, free from conditional price and advertising elements, in fact they are based on tests and experimentations, only a real “ lover”  could advice them.
The unbroken partnership  with the suppliers, who often makes use  of Pettinelli Racing’s advices, will assure you quality and reasonable delivering time. They guarantee seriousness and sales service.
Today, Pettinelli Racing carry out “only” e-commerce, so it doesn’t possible call it or go to visit it.
It sells to Teams, to racing car drivers, to reseller, to sport societies or to individuals all around the world and at the same prices.

This is a real virtual reality of ours; You can virtually look at what you need o you desire and with a click, we send you really!