Grip Tyre treatment 1lt.


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1 litre container

GRIP is the established UK-developed tyre softener, designed to produce outstanding traction in all forms of high-performance driving, from street to full race and using road or racing tyre compounds.
GRIP, available in a new " improved " formula, gives all the benefits of soft, sticky tyre compounds without the expense.
This non-toxic, non-flammable liquid is simply painted on to the surface of the tyre, whether treaded or slick, and left to cure for 3-4 days to ensure adequate penetration and softening.
Durometer testing (used to measure tyre softness) reveals that one application of GRIP can increase the softness of a tyre by up to 20 points.
By comparison, a traditional drag racing burnout will achieve a tyre softening effect of around 5 points.
GRIP uses a long-lasting, proven formula that stays in the tyre for much longer periods ( it does not evaporate ) and so is ideal for circuit racing, karting and motorcycle racing - in fact virtually any road race environment.
GRIP works on all kinds of tyres, both old and new, and by reversing the aging process, can even extend tyre life.
Unlike its competitors, GRIP is manufactured in the UK and because it is non-flammable and non-toxic, it can be more conveniently transported, not just nationwide but throughout the world.


Step1: The basic tools for applying GRIP to racing tyres include a scraper - a household decorating type will do fine - a pair of latex gloves , a paint brush and an open container in which to pour GRIP.

Step2: It is important to clean up the tyre surface with the scraper to remove any built-up rubber. This will allow GRIP to penetrate more evenly throughout the tyre surface and also helps to prepare the tyre for the next race.
Pour some GRIP into the container and then brush on to the tyre's tread surface - there is no benefit in applying it to the sidewall. The first coat will probably take 20-30 minutes to absorb, depending on room temperature. Further coats of GRIP can then be applied as desired, leaving similar absorption time after each coat. Four or five additional coats will give a significant increase in adhesion ( durometer reading about 10-15 points lower ).

Step3***: The tyres must now be left to cure. This will take several days. It is a slow but necessary process to ensure the tyres are softened adequately and that GRIP has penetrated down through the tyre. Because it is non-evaporative, GRIP will keep on penetrating and tyres will stay softened for weeks

*** in order to accelerate the times of rest, the use of tyrewarmer is advised.

REMEMBER: After the tyres have been used, the softness can be maintained by again scraping off built-up rubber and repeating the softening process. Once more, allow several days for adequate penetration.


GRIP works well in on road/race tyres such as these early BFGoodrich R1 radials, which started out as a super-soft compound but which have hardened with age. Five coats of GRIP had them soft again and they were used on a Cobra replica to great effect.
These road tyres were treated to a liberal dose of GRIP before being fitted to a vehicle destined for the drag strip. The driver recorded his best ever performance in a straight line and also commented on the improved cornering ability - a real win, win situation.